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Our easy-to-follow instructions are tailored to different learning styles, providing chef advice and a sensory approach, making cooking foolproof for everyone, regardless of their level of experience.

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Discover the art of making delicious dumplings anytime and anywhere with our shelf-stable ingredients delivered to your doorstep. It includes all the necessary ingredients (just add meat or make it vegan) to make 36 dumplings. It's the perfect gift for food enthusiasts!

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Elevate any occasion with our dumpling experience, whether you're looking for a fun group activity, a romantic date night, or a solo cooking adventure. You can even order one or a few kits to customize the experience for any group size!

  • Ingredients (included)

    • Soy sauce
    • Sesame oil blend
    • Dumpling dough mix
    • Dumpling filling mix
    • Dipping sauce mix
  • Tools (included)

    • Rolling pin
    • Dumpling crimper
    • Recipe instructions
    • Video guides
  • What's Not (you add)

    • 1 lb. of ground meat or 1lb. of vegan substitute
    • Your favorite cooking oil

Absolutely no gatekeeping here!

We understand making dumplings isn't easy. That's why we're providing full access to our video guides. Get a clear idea of what you're getting into and feel empowered to give it a shot, regardless of your cooking experience.

Video Guide: Dumpling Dough Mix

Video Guide: Filling Mix

Video Guide: Dumpling Wrappers

Video Guide: Hand Folding Dumplings 

Video Guide: Folding with Dumpling Crimper 

Video Guide: Dipping Sauce Mix

Video Guide: Pan- Frying Dumplings

The Reviews Are In...

These juicy dumplings are absolutely AMAZING! And the sauce makes for a delightful combination of flavors. It's perfection!

-Rachelle P.

“It felt like a whole new cultural endeavor that I got to experience with some of my favorite people. The process was full of fun and good conversations and the outcome was delicious!”

-Theresa J.

“This whole evening making dumplings with my girlfriends was fun & so delicious! I never thought I’d be able to make dumplings that tasted restaurant quality. New skill unlocked!!”

-Jenna M.

These dumplings are the tastiest and most fun to make in a group of friends! Vegan friendly too.

-Lyanne A.

I didn’t know DIY dumplings could be so fun, educational, and delicious - definitely making this a routine. Ideal for snacking, but great as a meal too!

-Lan H.


Are these dumplings gluten free?

The current dumpling ingredients do contain gluten. However, we are open to exploring a gluten-free version in the future, as we are committed to making this experience inclusive for everyone!

How is the experience vegan-friendly?

You have the option to personalize it by substituting any uncooked vegan alternatives for meat. We suggest considering Impossible meat or Beyond Meat as excellent choices.

Can I customize the filling?

Yes, you can customize your filling! You can use ground pork, ground chicken, ground vegan crumbles.

Each kit includes our special filling mix and even has freeze dried savoy cabbage and green onions. When mixed with the wet ingredients, the vegetables taste just like fresh vegetables and better yet freeze dried vegetables retain all the fresh nutrients!

+ more customization ideas in our poster instructions!

How many servings can I get in one experience?

Each dumpling preparation produces 36 dumplings, and the number of servings depends on your appetite. Two servings are suitable for two very hungry individuals, but this experience is designed for four servings.

Can I freeze the dumplings?

Can’t finish all the dumplings at once. Dumplings can be frozen for up to 2 months. More details in the poster instructions.

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